Psychological support

Even though you live on the Costa Blanca and are surrounded by sunshine and in a beautiful environment, you may not be able to fully enjoy it.

Psychological difficulties have to do with how you feel, what you think and how you behave. For example, you might feel tense, tired, anxious, sad, lonely or lethargic. Do you worry too much, do you often think about anxious situations or are you easily annoyed? You have a difficult time concentrating, you feel confused, you consume more alcohol than you should or you don’t sleep well.

It is possible that these complaints can affect your daily life in such a way that your ability to enjoy life is diminished. We can offer you support for this.

In a no-obligation introductory meeting, our expert will talk with you and assess the nature of your difficulties and your request for help. Together with her, you will form a plan to reduce your difficulties through supportive conversations.

This service is privately funded.