We offer you a wide range of home care services:

  • Personal care. You are supported in daily activities such as getting up, showering, dressing, eating, drinking, going to the toilet.
  • Nursing. You receive nursing care, such as wound care, medication, stoma care or other actions to be performed by a nurse.
  • Guidance and support. You need guidance and support because, for example, you have psychological problems or a disability that requires extra time and attention. (Or maybe you, as a caregiver, want some time and attention for yourself, and you want to be confident that your partner, parent or child is well taken care of in the meantime).
  • Domestic care. You will receive assistance in carrying out various household tasks, such as vacuuming, washing dishes, shopping, and the like.
  • 24-hour care. A caregiver or nurse is present 24 hours a day. Depending upon your needs, a wakeful or a sleeping caregiver will be with you at night.

Are the above mentioned services not applicable to you, but do you have another support requirement? We can probably help you or otherwise we can refer you to the right organization or specialty!