40 Days without Alcohol

It’s a way of live on the Costa Blanca; the sun … a terrace … a nice glass of wine … and before you realize it is a daily habit. Sound familiar?

That is why we think the following initiative from the KBO-POCB is so good.

Do you accept the challenge? We would love to hear from you and are curious about your story!

On February 14, 2018, KBO-PCOB started its ’40 days not a drop’ campaign to home care in spain wine glassesraise awareness about alcohol consumption among seniors. With almost 1500 official participants and hundreds of others who participated, this action of the KBO-POCB campaign is very successful and a effective way to get seniors and others to think about the impact of alcohol.

‘Breaking the habit was our underlying idea with this action,’ says Manon Vanderkaa, director of KBO-PCOB. ‘Only then can you experience what no alcohol does for you’.


During the 40 days several participants have shared their experiences. Some did so through a blog, others sent in their feedback via the special action website www.40dagengeendruppel.nl. Everyone experiences a period without alcohol in their own way, but it is striking that the reactions show that many participants do not have a period without alcohol. For example, Mr. Van Oers (81) states that it took some getting used to, because a glass of wine with the food is tasty, but it is also about self-control. I will join again next year ‘. Ms. De Munk (69) participated in the contest, but found the reactions of others more difficult. ‘I often had to explain why I participate, and was often told that it is really uncomfortable’.

After 40 days

March 31 was the last day of the 40 day period. The fasting period in which people reflect on how to deal with luxury or custom, such as drinking, smoking or using social media, is over. ‘This period of reflection is pre-eminently a period for not drinking alcohol,’ says Manon Vanderkaa, director of KBO-PCOB. ‘We look back on a successful action, aimed at awareness and the experience of no alcohol. It turns out that people drink less after a period without drinking. I wonder if the participants will experience that too.