Prevention is the best cure, fall prevention!

You hear a noise behind you … look over your shoulder…… and ……suddenly you are on the ground. They say that “accidents happen” and it’s true.

But there are steps you can take to make the chance of falling even smaller. We would like to offer you some ideas to prevent a falling accident. We are happy to offer support and care, but we prefer that you do not need this care!

The interior of your home

What we often see in people’s homes are the cozy, warm floor rugs. It is so nice and warm under your feet. Unfortunately, it is really easy to hook your feet behind the carpet, which can cause you to stumble. In addition to floor rugs you should also consider the thresholds, shower mats, home accessories on the floor, pet toys. We advise you to keep the walkway in the house clear.

Sensible footwear

Slippers and flip-flops are often worn inside and outside the house. However, sandals or other solid footwear will give you more firmness, mobility and control. There are also slippers that are secured around the foot, which are comfortable and safe!

Pay attention when walking

One of our driving beliefs is “to work with attention”, but this also applies to other activities. Pay attention during any activity, such as when you walk into the kitchen. Consciously doing an activity ensures that you do not overlook what is important at that moment.

However, many other measures are possible, which we will return to next time. Perhaps now you are thinking that you would like to analyze your own situation …… well, we are there for you!